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.........And I love Mary Jane....... [entries|friends|calendar]

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.........North Wales........ [26 Mar 2005|07:42am]
Porthmadog is beautiful. It was really sunny yesterday. Arfon lives up this way, ahhh jealous.

Couldn't live here forever though, it's doing my nut a little, tv is rubbish anyway, I don't know my way around to go on missions, and I can't practise, the old lady next door is not well, and it's too noisy. (yet my dad can make loads of noise fixing the bed....hmm.)

He's talking to me, and I've got a ring in my nose today...hah, winner.

Nice to have some decent food around, but I can't hack this 3 meals a day thing.

I gotta write a letter to my old school. My little bro was being bullied and they did nothing about it, he got stabbed in the arm and later pushed in school, a result of which he broke 3 bones in his foot. Kids disgust me.

Middle bro is going to college around the corner, effort. He wants to do photography, and he wants to borrow my camera....hmmm....not sure about that....

Apart from that nothing is wrong, it's nice not being in a house that smells of piss upstairs. But it's weird, doesn't feel like my house at all.

Better shift my "fat ass" (quote: haribeau off do do something else, internet is also boring atm. At least I don't look anorexic........*voms at the thought*

Haha oh that was my last dig, it's awfully childish in a hilarious way.

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.....Pffft.......... [25 Mar 2005|08:39am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ok ok ok most of this week's mission is OVER! Thank fuck.

I'm in Swansea, I played the West Glam concert, haha I fucked up the semi solo, nobody noticed I don't think, and if not, I can blame it on kids........heh.

I managed to catch the end of Nozzle last night, which was cool :) only a couple of songs, but they're great.

Then Bits of Kidds.....wow they're pretty good. Got their demo. It's ok, just stuck it on now. They kinda sound like they took off where Pothole quit, I like them. Lead singer looks like a dark haired punk-dressed, emo-fied Kob.

All the Adam Went Homers were there and Tim fell asleep, and they managed to swap his full pint glass for an empty one, and burn stuff on him, and generally dudearoo him, haha. Funny :)

I saw Matt in the daytime, which was nice, and he forced me to play pool, not nice. And I lost both times.

I was just about to take a photo on the webcam but it aint working, so there'll be no whorring of the red bit in my hair, which most of the LJ & Forum world haven't seen, and I've had it since Janry.

Went shoppin I did yesterday. Bought my mum a Clannad CD, bought a nice card for an upcoming birthday friend of mine from Attica (which used to be Camelot, used to be the farm, used to be other shizzle, but still has the same manager since forever), some earrings, new nose studs (smaller than the piercing one so it won't be painful to swap between the ring & stud, the lady in the shop was very nice & helpful) a necklace with a skull (cheese) some SHIT blue eyeshadow of which brand I will never buy again eyeshadowwise, and and annnnndddd a nice veggie burger in "The Wig" (where'd the word Pen go? HMM?) what a great day.

Jessa took me to Metros on Wednesday. I left her standing outside cos she wouldn't budge and my mind was set on going STRAIGHT home, but I didn't, and I went to sing with Al which was nice. When I got in the spaniards were awake still, and I think they might have been a little drunk, they posted a funny letter on the fridge about not using the bolts on the door, evidently SOMEBODY was trying to lock SOMEBODY out. Ahh. The door is kickable in! Haha, all that fuss over "oh we've been burgled" and the door can still be kicked in, CLASS.

I have an hour left until the North Wales mission.........gah.

*EDIT* PS I have lost about half a stone since christmas. Which is nice. I have decided to make friends with bathroom scales again.

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...........Where in the world is Johnny C?......... [23 Mar 2005|04:17pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]


Why is it that when you really need to sort something out and it isn't your fault (for once) that you can't find the right people to talk to? And it's REALLY urgent! I'm seriously tempted to drop out at the moment, but I know things can be sorted to help me & the others out if I get it sorted quickly enough!

This is shit.

How come, when it IS your fault, and you have been the biggest SLOTH ever about something, it all gets sorted and put into place?


I can't sit around crying all the time :( Does my head in!

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.........Nice Apology........ [23 Mar 2005|03:20pm]

Haha. Oh this is funny. Shows how spineless people can be. This is PRETTY MUCH my apology from Harriet. "well now at least i've got my aural sorted...really can't afford to fail my year. feel pretty bad about letting chrissie down,but at the end of the day had no choice! lucky drew asked me to do this recording with her anyway otherwise i'd be buggered! started to realise that to get anywhere in life you really have to think about yourself coz everyone else does, and the more you worry about letting other people down, the more you end up letting yourself down. that's just the way it is. just thought i should text her as soon as i did it so then she'd have more time to sort her's out, rather than waiting till i saw her. "



Cunt. She's sitting across the room from me. The amount of time I've been waiting for her to get her sorry ass out of bed & get some fucking work done.......fucking twat. I could have done my assignment AGES ago.

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............... [23 Mar 2005|02:12pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Meh. Yesterday was a shambles.

After ending up crying in work twice on Monday night, I woke up to go to Crodyden stupid early in the same mood as when I went to bed.

I treated Jemma like complete shit without meaning to all day, can't believe it, then after recieving an extremely selfish text message (yes, that's right, another fucking text message, she still seems to be unaware of the fact that I am capable of receiving information with my own ears) I ended up snapping at Jemma again & running away to see people at Richmond Road (thought that would be a good idea because I wouldn't have to talk about anything to do with me) because Heather, Chantal and Holly aren't around anymore, I assumed Jessa would be with Rob, and other "friends" aren't really there any more.

But instead Iwan asked me if I was ok & I ended up bawling my eyes out, damn, I'm such an idiot. Can't beleive I'd do a thing like that, I hate it. I don't even know Iwan well enough to dothat to him. Either way, he calmed me down & went to the pub.

And now I have to try & find John Cramner, either explain that college is a load of shit & I'm fed up of it, especially the people here, & leave, or see if they can help me out (man, I'm going to be letting the section down.......) and start coping & ignore everyone in college bar a small group of people. It's so fucking clicky & it's worse than school.

AltSwansea have gone Suicide Girls crazy & they're all doing they're own photos....I'm kinda tempted but I could only do tasteful shots. I don't have enough piercings to be honest, and I'm not even tattood, but it'd be fun & silly. I'll probably do nothing about it mind you. Haha. Stupid.

I think that's about all.

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......Today I am a complete internet addict............ [21 Mar 2005|04:48pm]
Take the quiz: "Whos your punk BF?"

Tom DeLonge
Tom huh? Your super cool and meger funny you so should date tom! Together you could do silly things together like.....make fun of the kid next door!
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..........It's a sign........ [21 Mar 2005|04:27pm]
I just got an email from somebody called Ian entitled "no comply" :


April 2nd Merthyr RMS

June 22nd Newport T.J's

Working on a Cardiff date at the moment

take care


It's either a sign or I've got boys on the brain.....
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.......So true........... [21 Mar 2005|04:21pm]

Sorry Mark, had to steal this! It's amazing. Everybody check out mark.....posthumanmind and then have a good long laugh at Good Charlotte's expense.


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............I love it........... [21 Mar 2005|02:47pm]
I love it
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.........Everything's Coming Up Milhouse.......... [21 Mar 2005|01:02pm]
So. With exception to Monday and Sunday, I haven't been smoking in the daytimes. And ONLY when I've been drinking (it's SO difficult) or spliffs (obviously) and I feel a lot better for it.

On Friday Night, I went to the Adequate Birthday Bash with Rosie skalett and we had a sleepover, and SHE WAS DRINKING CIDER (she's more the Jagged Edge type now, Uni has spoiled her) and I had to be incredibly rude and ask people I didn't know for ciggers, how embarrassing. With it, I had to tell my story of not smoking much to explain my rudeness. Gutted.

In the toilet queue I felt a little desperate for a cigoir, so I asked someone, and he said "yes but shhhhh, come with me" because he'd "quit smoking" so he had to hide. Just like being young children.

So. We discussed life over 7 minutes of cancer ingestion, and then he turned out to be Matt from Battleska, I used to have proper banter with him on their Forum when I was a wee bit younger, quite embarrassing. Then he turned out to be Matt from No Comply. Haha, WHAT?! Anyway, this bit didn't really sink in cos we'd been talking for a long time.

And then I snogged him and made my way into the bathroom with him in the Adequate House. Ohmy.

Wales won the Grand Slam and I got a bit drunk like.

Sunday was shit. Sketchy sketchy day.

Jim I know you sometimes read this. Where the hell are you? I haven't seen you for fucking aaaaggggeees and you are a nightmare to get hold of.

Miss you. Angrily. :(
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......................... [16 Mar 2005|03:42pm]
Been told by Rosie to consider the Adequate7 Birthday Bash. I am. Lots of Ad7 talk recently. Not obsessed, honest.

Streetlight is next month, not this month, now I feel stupid. I can never remember when gigs are, I suck.

Watched 50first dates & the little mermaid last night, lush.

Saw a fit punky guy, and he lives in Jim's old house! odd.

Got some concerts for those interested in seeing me play : Friday in St David's Hall, 7.30, and a lunchtime concert somewhere in Croydon next tuesday.
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.........The Great Personality Test...... [15 Mar 2005|09:32pm]
Pinched this from Cyph from AltSwansea :)


Choose the set of words that you most closely identify with. There will be some where you will identify with words in both sets, but choose the one that you most identify with. Don't agonize over it, but don't necessarily take the first option you think of either.

Question 1
A) private, quiet, few, deep, concentration, inward, thought before action
B) social, expressive, many, broad, interaction, outward, action before thought

Question 2
A) possibilities, overview, future, innovation, anticipation, idealism, changing
B) facts, details, present, practicality, enjoyment, realism, using

Question 3
A) sympathising, subjective, personal, appreciation, participant, decides using values, immediate view
B) analysing, objective, logical, criticism, onlooker, decides on principle, long term view

Question 4
A) open, explore, meander, inquire, flexibility, spontaneity
B) close, decide, structure, organize, firmness, control

I got B, B, B, A :
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...........I love....... [14 Mar 2005|01:39pm]
For philman316

Today I am happy because recently a lot of people have told me how nice I am looking.

I am also happy because I have a regular income

I am happy because I WILL see Adequate 7 by the end of this month.

Soon there are some My Little Murder gigs, exciting, they have a new site too, http://www.mylittlemurder.com I haven't looked yet but judging by Benj's/Kob's old sites, it must be great.

There is a rather beautiful irishman who regularly attends my place of work to drink. He is often surrounded by the Welsh Nazi party though. Gutted.

Between you & me,Kob is still beautiful with some new ink on him (some of it's shit, but some of it aint, particularly his 8ball). *lesigh* but it's all positive, he's a different person & so am I, and I don't see him often enough to get a crush again anyway.

I saw Holly at the weekend & Liz too, saw Jim extremely briefly, & the Richmondos, it was nice to see them all even if I didn't see some of them for very long. The 147 idea is a brilliant one.

I went pubbing last night & then to Gav's room, tried watching Bubba Ho Tep but Iwan & Eddie were trying to outdo each other & get the last word & wouldn't stop talking, so I gave up & went home just before the end, and I am now gutted that I didn't stay, but to be honest I couldn't hear much anyway.

I saw my mum this morning. That was nice too. She brought hot cross buns & a Bob Marley video. However I gave her my tv & video player to take away, I can't be fucked/can't afford to be paying for a tv license for 3 months when I don't watch it in the house anyway. Diminish responsibility.

Vehemence is a good word.

Mahler lecture was good but I had a bout of wannabe narcilepsy & couldn't hold my head up....oops. Laura spoke well & so did beth but when Adrian spoke....Zzzzz.

Mike just asked me to work, can't do nowt until just after 7, and he said "ok nevermind then", silly. I could have earned an extra 4.5hrs work.

People in college, vote for Harriet haribeau, Loz sheissuffering, and Cai, who doesn't have an LJ, and also Alex, he doesn't either, and Blewitt, he doesn't again, and there's some more people but I cannae remember.
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.............I Hate.......... [14 Mar 2005|08:46am]
I hate when guys try to belittle each other in front of people, especially girls.

I hate when people appear at social gatherings with their new boy and pretend they're speaking to their mates, when all they really want to do is show off for a bit & then go home & fuck.

I hate people matchmaking, I hate people trying to set me up with someone "because they did a similar course to someone you liked".


I hate waking up early.

I hate making my mum feel bad about things, but she DID bring me an Andrew Lloyd Weber CD and I did HAVE to reject it.

I hate missing Adequate 7 when I really could have gone, but I really did have to go to Bar 147, it was nice.

I hate that I might miss Nozzle when I go back home at eater.

Didn't make rice crispie cakes.

I still look like a piggy.

Chin Up.
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.......PAID!............. [11 Mar 2005|04:09pm]
I got paid! YES! Fuckin a.

Went shoppin with cai, got a nose RING, looks a bit "piggy" but hey. Scratches less than the stud on the inside. Cai got a rugby shirt & then we went to moloko where I had a pint of the finest staropramen in Wales, and I haven't eaten today, OUCH. Feeling a little merry like.

Making rice crispie cakes later, YES! Going to include a speshul ingredient *wonders what that could be* (basically, can't get too fucked because I must go to work, but there's the harriet street party & I just bought some pretty rolling papers with pictures on them.

NEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY Bought the newest Jack Johnson effort, but I don't want to end up like last year & pissing my pay away, gonna get vital stuff & pay becky back.

Maybe next week........
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........A pint of something nice....... [10 Mar 2005|01:43pm]
I asked Foz for this recipe, and got the reply "Only if you promise not to spew this time... :p "

Fair enough...!

A Pint Of Something Nice (invented by Brian Cunning circa 2002)

Serves 2.

Pour a double vodka into each one of the two pint glasses then top up both glasses evenly with one girly-size bottle of smirnoff ice.

Add a large glass of house red wine to each pint glass and a small bottle of orange juice. The result will taste surprisingly pleasant but get you as pissed as a motherfucker.


I am very very excited about st patrick's day, as I acquired a very dandy pair of shamrock shaped glasses from work last night, AMAAAAZING! & College has a live folk band, wicked, and there's no orchestra in the morning, so I can carry on all night. HAPPY. (for now let's pretend I haven't got a concert the night after.)

My first pay from work is tomorrow! WOOHOO! Very excited about that.

Not an awful lot to say.....bye!
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[09 Mar 2005|04:57pm]

Your score is: 8

Your score is between 6 and 15 points

You may already have some problems from your use of cannabis, especially if your score is closer to 15 than to 6 points. If you don't already have problems, then you are likely to develop some in the future. You should think about your cannabis use and its impact on your life. (Click here to see how you can reduce the risks of smoking cannabis.) Try our self-help programme to help you stop.
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...........I am my little pony......... [08 Mar 2005|06:33pm]
Fuck me I'm bored.

It's funny because it's true!
my little pony
You're My Little Pony!! Sweet and innocent and
happy, you make people want to spew burrito
chunks. Even a Care Bear could kick your ass.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

More quizzes.....Collapse )
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......The Legendary TJ's......... [08 Mar 2005|01:35pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

TJ's has all moved around! It looks awesome, but the toilets are very pink and in a different place, & it's too cold in there!

OOOHHH I had a well good time. To begin with I felt like I'd just been thrown into a room with people I used to be REALLY good friends with....kinda stuck on my own or with Benj for a bit, but I started talking to people, Darcy from work ws there with Joey, who didn't recognise me for a few hours, & I got enough courage to talk to Kob eventually, & we really got on. Nice to see Joe Jackson too.

My Little Murder were fucking brilliant, never seen a first gig like it, www.mylittlemurder.com, amazing.
Didn't like Flailing Wail.
Pete's Sake - FINALLY seen them now! Wicked band!
When Reason Sleeps, I really didn't think I'd like them, but WOW they're shit hot.
Midasuno - much better than I've seen them in recent years, a lot heavier & less arty farty.

Hope I didn't go all gooey eyed...eek.

Job's going ok. First pay this Friday. Amazing. Rugby's on Saturday....exciting! But I think I'm working, daymn.

Concert tonight yo, RWCMD Millennium Ensemble, Temple of Peace, 7.30. It's all weird fookin myoosic, so if you don't like modern music, don't bother.

Byeeeeeeeeee x

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...........Holiadur....................... [03 Mar 2005|04:50pm]
(1) Are you shy or confident? All depends on the situation I'm in and the people I'm with.

(2) Are you vain? All depends. Sometimes I spend ages getting ready and putting makeup on, sometimes I don't dive a shit. Maybe I didn't get up in time, maybe I did but I'm tired, maybe my hair needs washing, who knows.

(3) Have you got a best friend? If so, who? Nah, got groups of best friends. There is no one best friend in my life. Shame.

(4) Sex OR Love? Love.

(5) Do materialistic things matter to you? Yes. I like them. I could probably live without them.

(6) Can you be shallow? yes. everyone can be.

(7) Is there ever occasions when you think you are better than others? Of course. Usually when I'm jealous of someone, either that or I go all quiet & mopey.

(8: Are you patient? Not at all. Not with the General Public anyway.

(9) Have you had many lovers in your life? (Not sexual exploits) Sexually yes, relationshipally no.

(10) Can you exist without a "partner"? Have done for 3 years and 15 years before it. Do I smell?

(11) Sex, drugs or the music? WHICH ONE? uh, music.

(12) Do you sleep easyily at night? Not at the moment! My housemate keeps turning the heating off at night, FOOL.

(13) Do you really think you know what LOVE means? No.

(14) Do you believe in life after death? No. But it might exist without me knowing.

(15) What is the most important thing in your life? Probably my music, it's all I do. Either that or seeing my friends.
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